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Sacred Chow NYC Restaurant Review


It’s been a while since I’ve done a restaurant review and I figured that this place is totally worth it.

Sacred Chow, located in Greenwich Village, is a Kosher, Vegan, and Organic restaurant with Gluten-free options as well! I went here for the first time two weeks ago not really knowing what to expect. A friend told me about her experience here earlier that day so I figured that I’d give it a shot.

I went in around 5 p.m. on a Saturday night and had the place to myself. I like eating in NYC alone sometimes because no one really pays attention to it or judges you like they do in my hometown. Anyways, this place is really cute inside. It’s bright enough, but not too bright like so places I’ve been to. The decor is really nice as well.

I didn’t know what to get and it took me forever to decide. But I finally chose the Grilled Nama Gori sandwich with almond feta and sunflower seed meat and it came with smoky home fries as well.


Such a huge serving!! The sandwich was absolutely fantastic. It had such a wonderful flavor that I can’t even describe. It’s just something that you have to experience for yourself. Plus, it was huge! I would have been satisfied with half of what I got, but I couldn’t let it go to waste so I ate the whole thing 😉

The almond feta and sunflower seed meat were both okay. I enjoyed them but they weren’t something that I’d probably get again. That also might be because I ate them after the sandwich and my taste buds were biased. Who knows. The smoky home fries were great as well, but once again; huge serving. I couldn’t finish all of them and I was pretty sad about that because they were really good.

My server that night was a younger guy and he was very attentive and helpful with all of my questions. They played great music as well! But do you want to know what the best part was? This only cost me $10!

Then this past weekend I ended up at Sacred Chow again, this time with my friend. We were there on a Saturday morning so we were able to order off the brunch menu which I was pretty excited about.

I got the Belgium Waffle which was topped with a cherry compote, coconut whipped cream, and a razzle-dazzle raspberry drizzle.


Helloooo beautiful.

I about screamed when I saw that the waffle was gluten free. That is just unheard of where I live, so very sadly.

Anyways, we ended up having the same server that I had the previous week and he was great once again.

The waffle was even better.

They topped it with just enough cherries, whipped cream, and drizzle. You know how sometimes restaurants skimp out on giving you the good stuff? Well this place shares the glory.

And once again, I was really full from this waffle, but ate the whole thing and savored every moment because how often do things like this come into my life? Not that often unless I’m making it myself.

Oh, and do you want to know the best part about this trip there?

This only cost me $10 too.

Mmmm. Sacred Chow.

Just writing this post makes me want to go back this weekend! We’ll see what happens 🙂

Sacred Chow

227 Sullivan Street
New York City, NY 10012


Mellow Mushroom Review


While on vacation in Tennessee I had to stop at the Mellow Mushroom restaurant in Gatlinburg. They have a gluten free pizza menu and I haven’t had pizza since I removed gluten from my diet. So that was something that I was really looking forward to.


We went in and were seated at this very large booth. I loved the decor of the restaurant. They had mason jars set up behind the bar that were lit up various colors. The whole restaurant had a calm happy vibe.

We ordered and I got a pizza (obviously). I had to get a 12 inch pizza all for myself because that’s the only size gluten free pizza they serve. But hey, that means more for me, right? 🙂

I got vegan cheese, spinach, and mushrooms on my pizza. You can’t go the the Mellow Mushroom and not get mushrooms!


It took a little while for us to receive our food. Finally our waitress brought out two of our three items and explained that they forgot to put my sisters calzone in the oven.

I dug into my pizza. It was so delicious. The crust was such a great consistency. They put on just enough toppings for you to be able to fully enjoy your pizza. And trust me, I did. I had three pieces!

After we finished our meal the manager came out and gave us a discount on our check because of my sisters calzone. We didn’t expect it at all. So we were very appreciative of the customer service we received.


If you’re ever near a Mellow mushroom restaurant and are hungry for a pizza, calzone, hoagie, or salad; stop in! I had such a positive experience there, if I would have been in Tennessee a little longer then I would have been going back. Gotta love yummy food and happy vibes!

Quiet Storm Pittsburgh Vegetarian + Vegan Cafe Review

Last Friday I was dying to get out of the house after laying around all week due to wisdom teeth removal. I hadn’t had anything to eat besides oatmeal and smoothies the whole week basically! If you know how I eat then you understand what a big deal this was.

So on Friday my sister and I went to Pittsburgh. We went to the mall, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and a few other places while I tried to think of somewhere that I could easily get something that wouldn’t be too tough on my mouth. At the time I was still in a little pain and couldn’t exactly eat a salad or a KIND bar like I was craving.

I finally decided on Quiet Storm, an adorable Vegetarian + Vegan Cafe located on Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh. I was there only a few times before, but I thoroughly enjoyed it each time. They specify their gluten free items and their non vegan items on the menu so that there is no confusion. They have something for everyone, even the biggest meat and junk food eater! (Such as my sister)

Ginger Sun Bowl:


I decided on the Ginger Sun bowl which consists of brown rice, scrambled tofu, broccoli, sweet potatomash, edamame, peanut-ginger sauce, and sunflower seeds. It was absolutely fantastic. They give you a huge serving, it’s actually more like two servings, and it’s so flavorful as each ingredient compliments the others so well.

Caesar Salad:


This was my sisters first time trying tofu. Each time I make it at home, she’s not interested in trying it. I guess she was feeling adventurous!? She liked the Caesar Salad but she said it was a little spicy for her taste. I had no idea why it would be spicy until I looked at the ingredients. Greens, kale, sliced tofu cutlets, roasted red peppers, red onions, zesty Caesar dressing, and vegan parm. Zesty Caesar dressing was the culprit there! But she did enjoy the tofu!

Tahini Bowl


This is an old picture from my Instagram. This is the Tahini bowl which is brown rice, spinach, tomatoes, crispy tofu nuggets, tahini sauce, and pumpkin seeds. I liked this bowl, but it doesn’t beat the Ginger Sun bowl. The Tahini bowl seemed to be a lot more bland, but was still enjoyed! I think it all depends on a persons preference.


After my meal I was happy, happy!

Quiet Storm is a great place to stop at if you’re in the Pittsburgh area. The staff has always been very friendly and accommodating and the atmosphere of the cafe makes you never want to leave.

Cheers for delicious food!

Fractured Prune Donut Shoppe Review


The Fractured Prune is a donut shop that started out in Ocean City and has grown to various other locations on the east coast.

I’m not really a big donut fan. I eat maybe 2 or 3 a year and they all come from the Fractured Prune. They have various unique donuts to choose from. You can choose from their large variety of donuts or you can choose your own. There are glazes, toppings, and sugars that you can choose from. Each donut is hand dipped to perfection and will literally melt in your mouth.


This year we got the donuts pictured above and breakfast sandwiches. (I forgot to mention that.) Their breakfast sandwiches are tasty as well! I had just an egg and cheese bagel and mmm, I had it down in about 2 minutes.

We got:
Peppermint Patty donut- I didn’t try it because I’m not a fan of peppermint patties. But everyone else enjoyed it!
Blueberry Hill donut- This was my favorite one. Absolutely fantastic.
Strawberry Shortcake donut- This one was great as well. I really love how they top it off with graham crackers. It adds that little extra crunch.
OC Sand donut (2x)- My sister likes just plain donuts and so she got this and really enjoyed it. It’s just a honey glaze and cinnamon sugar. All of you simple people out there, I recommend this for you.
Creamsicle donut- This donut was okay. If you really enjoy creamsicle flavoring then I recommend it, if not then go for something else.

They offer over 20 different specialty donuts for you to choose from, so you’re bound to find that will leave your mouth watering for more!


On Cloudrunner Review


I’ve been on the quest for a new pair of running shoes for a little while now. I have been a faithful Vibram’s wearer for about 2 years now. But I’ve been looking for something different. After many hours of research and reading reviews (I do this with almost everything I buy) I decided on a pair of Brooks Pure Cadence’s. I got them and excitedly laced them up and off I went. I only lasted about 2 miles before calling it quits. I felt like the soles were rounded and I was going to get injured. I wasn’t a fan of them so I returned them. The search continued. I went to my local running store and he hooked me up with the On Cloudrunner’s.


I never heard of On before buying these shoes. And I was honestly skeptical at first. I don’t usually steer away from the well known brands just because I usually know what I’m getting when purchasing things. But I put these on and went for a small run down the street. I knew these were the ones for me as soon as I hit the sidewalk.


The bottoms of the shoes have a Speedboard which supports your foot but pushes you forward at the same time. It evenly distributes your foot throughout the shoe with each stride. I found it very comforting due to the fact that my toes still had enough room to spread out at the tip of the shoe and become distributed evenly with each step.


On is a fairly new company. It was created in 2010 and is engineered in Switzerland. The three co-founders are very passionate about creating the “perfect running shoe” and are doing a good job on their journey to that point. Olivier Bernhard one of the founders of the company has won the Ironman six times now and has began using that experience as a tool to create the ideal shoe.


With the purchase of your shoe you get an owner card to “join the cloud.” After you registered you’re able to use their Feed on their website and browse things from Events, Shoes, Athletes, etc.


I am very pleased with these shoes. They’re definitely worth the $140 price tag. Which is something that I wouldn’t typically pay for running shoes, but this is definitely worth it. If you’re thinking about investing in a new pair of running shoes to get you through this summer, these are definitely a pair that you should put on your list to check out!