Fitness Friday!

It’s Yoga Fitness Friday today. Just in time to get nice and relaxed for the weekend. Sadie Nardini is the special guess this week. I’m a big fan of her. I learned a lot about yoga from watching her Youtube videos. She talks you through the whole things so there’s no confusion on what you’re supposed to be doing and when you’re supposed to be doing it.

This is a yoga cross training series of three different videos. It’s about a 55 minute total workout and it’s great for your whole body. When you incorporate weights into your yoga regimen you will see results fast!

Cross Train: Arms

Cross Train: Legs

Cross Train: Core

You don’t even have to do these all at once. You can do one or two and save the others for another time! That’s the great thing about this. It’s not a long workout. So if you’re really busy one day, you can take 15 minutes and do one of these videos and still get a decent workout!


I just did all three of these and can’t wait to do them again in a couple of days! I love finding quality workout videos on Youtube. It’s kind of like a little treasure hunt!

Do you ever try to find workouts on Youtube? Let me know!!


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