DIY Mother’s Day Craft Idea Part 1

So today I planned on baking something and making this post about it. Well I did make something but it didn’t turn out the way I would have liked it to so I’m not going to post it… yet. It’ll be a future post, so look for it!
Anyways, after that catastrophe in the kitchen I decided to go outside and enjoy the day. It was about 50 degrees here today which is chilly, but it’s a lot better than it’s been for the past 6 months and I made the most of it! I went out to my dads garage with nothing particular in mind.
It’s such a mess in the garage honestly. There are things all over the place. But that’s what I love about it.
I found a decent piece of wood on the floor and figured I’d try to make something with it. So I grabbed the spray paint which really didn’t work out too well.



It just wasn’t my day! First my baking, then my spray paint.. But I carried on.


I found some stain in the garage after that mess up and a new piece of wood. I figured that this would be the safest route for today. So I stained the wood, let it dry and then drilled two wholes in it where I attached the string to hang the wood from.


I think I’m going to make this a project to give my mom for Mothers Day. I usually wait until last minute and run to the florist and grab some flowers. But I wanted this year to be different. I got my stencils out and tried to decide what to say, I figured that I’d go with “family” just because it’s simple yet descriptive.


I painted the letters brown because it’s simple and will go in any room in my house. I actually did two more coats of paint after this photo was taken.
That’s as far as I got today.. but I hope to continue this either tomorrow evening after work or Wednesday morning. Either way I hope to be finished with this project within the next week!
To be continued..
Do you still do DIY crafts for your loved ones for holidays or do you just grab something eye catching at the store?



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