Breakfast Specialty!

Mmmm.. French toast and a blueberry and pineapple smoothie.
Oh yes.
I made this french toast in muffin tins to mix things up a little bit.
This is such a simple recipe! In a bowl, mix up two egg whites, as much cinnamon as you prefer (I used approx. 3 tsp), 2 tsp of vanilla, and a pinch of salt.
I soaked two pieces of Sesame Seed Ezekiel Bread into the mixture and then shoved them into a muffin tin. Don’t forget to spray the muffin tin!
I baked it at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes and while that was happening, this occurred…

My blueberry and pineapple smoothie. I just took the ingredients above and blended them together. I make smoothies about twice a day. I never get tired of them because I can always mix it up with different yogurts and fruits. (:

I drizzled some honey onto my french toast cups too. You could try it with peanut butter, almond butter, syrup, etc. The possibilities are endless!
I love eating breakfast foods at all times of the day. I eat pancakes for lunch probably two or three times a week. Oops. 😉
What is you favorite breakfast food? Do you eat breakfast for other meals like me?



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